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Apple App Store publishing process

Once you have build your app, you must be eager to see it live on the app store. But the process is not so simple especially for the Apple App Store. It might be interesting to know that Apple review each the app manually before publishing it to the App Store, unlike Google Play Store which depends upon user reviews for the quality of the apps.

Here’s what Apple says on their app review information page:

“App Review: We review all apps submitted to the App Store and Mac App Store to ensure they are reliable, perform as expected, and are free of offensive material. As you plan and develop your app, make sure to use these guidelines and resources.”

From our experience, this process takes up from 7 to 14 days usually. The approval process may take more time during holiday season.

Lot of people ask us “What if my app is rejected?”
Well, we take utmost care of your app and follow all the guidelines set by Apple before we submit your app. If there was something, we would have already contacted you before submitting your app. If still it gets rejected, there is nothing to worry, our staff will get in touch with you, to discuss the reason and the step needed to get it approved.

Still have questions, open a support ticket and we will get in touch with you.

Complete guidelines from Apple are available here:
Apple App Store Review Guidelines


Why create iPhone app for your blog?

Since its launch in 2007, iPhone has been the most talked about device in the industry. We all know that iPhone is a dream phone for millions of people and it is the most awaited phone in the market when a newer version is released. But the most important piece of information that we forgot is that it is a pricey gadget. What does it mean? And how can it help you out? Is a question that we will answer over here.

When we talk about professional blogging, there is a reason why you are doing it and the reason is to make money. And to do that, you market/advertise products, put up different type of ads on your blog. Here the important piece of information is that, all networks these days give powerful targeting options to advertisers, using which they can decide which device they want their ads to appear. And as we all know that people buying iPhone are more likely to buy advertisers products as compared to people buying Android phones. This makes all the advertisers focusing on iPhone more than Android traffic and CPC on iPhone is much higher than on Android based devices.

So, creating an app for iPhone is more beneficial than creating an app for any other platform. With the global tablet and Smartphone sales overtaking the laptop and desktop sales, we all know that there are more readers on tablets and mobile phones than we have on desktops and laptops today. So, it’s the right time for you to focus on mobile and tablet users than on desktop and laptop users. And to start with creating iPhone app would be the best platform for you.

After reading this, there would be a question in your mind “My blog already has a mobile website, why would I create an app?” Well, the answer is simple, user these days use the app store as their search engine. Anything that they used to use on the web is also found on the app store. As like I read TechCrunch, so I search for tech crunch on the app store and installed their app. With millions of apps coming out each month, everything available on the internet is getting available on the apps store. You won’t be able to escape from this phenomenon, if you want your blog to be successful and live in this ever changing world of technology. Another wonderful benefit of having an app is that you can send push notification to your readers while they are on the go about the new content being posted on your blog. This immensely helps you in user engagement. Your user does not need to open up your website and check if there is something new being posted and instead they are being prompted on their mobile devices with the title of your new article. Isn’t that wonderful?

Okay, so how would you get your app build? Well this used to be very troublesome process at some point of time, but these days, you can find a lot of online app creation platforms that are easy to use and much cheaper than the conventional method of finding developers and doing it from scratch. If you would prefer to create your iPhone app from scratch with the help of a iPhone developer then the cost can be anything from $200 to $25,000 or even more. But mind it, publishing your apps on app store is not that easy or free if you are doing it from scratch, ask your developer if they would help you in submission. Apple app store charges at least 99 USD per year for app store submission, you can find more details on While some app creation platform lets you release app from their app store accounts, other will just give you application for submission. Some would help you out in submission, some would not. Some would limit the number of downloads your app can get in the app stores, some would not. Other than this you would need graphics (like app icon, background and logo) before you can submit your app to the app store.

Our platform (Mobile Reach Out) gives you both the options to submit the app from our app store account or to submit it from your account and provides complete technical support in app store submission process. All our apps are completely native built apps giving your better performance, user interface and quality.


Create mobile apps for blog

Mobile Reach Out is an easy to use service to create mobile applications for your blog. We build, submit and maintain your apps for a low monthly fee. You wont need any technical skills to build apps using our services.

We are one of a kind service that you wont find anywhere else on the internet right now, which will create custom mobile applications for your blog using pure native technology, giving you the fastest and the most fluid mobile application for your blog.

The most unique feature of our service is the push notifications to your users, when you post a new article on your blog. Our blog app engine monitors your blog for new article all the time, so as soon as you post a new article within a few minutes we generate a notification and post it to all the users who have downloaded your application on their mobile devices.

Adding to this, we support all major devices including iPhone, Android, iPads and tablets, giving you the power to reach your users, no matter which device they use. We are constantly adding support for new devices and provide the updates to all our customers for free.


With the launch of our new blog!

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