Terms & Conditions

Terms and Condition

Last updated: 16th January 2015.

We try our best to keep the relation with our customers as much clear as possible, in one such efforts, we have prepared this terms of services document. This document acts as an legal contract between YOU (the client/customer or an entity that uses our services) and between Mobile Reach Out. By using MobileReachOut.com or accessing our services you agree to the following terms and conditions. In case of an entity, you agree that you are the legal representative of the entity and have rightfully obtained all the required permission from the entity and have accepted the terms on behalf of the entity.


1.1 Registration. To enable us to distribute the applications, you need to create an account on our website with all the required information being asked. You agree that all the information provided is correct to the best of your knowledge and assume the responsibility for any missing or invalid information provided.

1.2 App store submission: You understand that submitting your application to the app store requires different form of content including but not limited to app icons, app name, app description and acceptance to their terms and conditions. You agree and understand that the rights to include the app in the app store or market place is reserved by the app store owners. And Mobile Reach Out cannot be held responsible for any rejection to your app by the app store owners or any delay caused in app approval by the app store owners.

1.3 Content Ownership: You agree and understand that all the content provided by you including but not limited to app icons, app name, app description are right fully owned by you. And you assume the responsibility for any legal (claims) or copyright issues arising out of the content provided by you.

1.4 Permissions: You accept that all the content provided by you is owned by you, Mobile Reach Out does not claim any copyright over the content provided by you. By registering your account and accessing our services, you grant us the permission to use and/or submit the content provided by you to the app stores. And display or use the content for market/referencing your application.

1.5 App store Terms and Conditions: You accept the terms and conditions and the guidelines provided by the app store/market place and take the responsibility of your content to be in accordance to the guide line provided as under:

App Store terms of service
Google Play terms of service

You understand that violating the terms and conditions of the app store or marketplace can result in ban/removal of your application from the app store and mobile reach out cannot be held responsible for it.


2.1 Content Ownership: You agree and understand that all the content provided by you or in the app is owned by you and you responsible for it. Mobile Reach Out does not claim any copyright to the content published inside the app expect the Mobile Reach Out logo and the application code.

2.2 Permissions: By registering an account and providing us the app details, you grant us rights to use your content provided to us by uploading to our website or published on your website. Mobile Reach Out shall use the content inside the apps, for the apps, submit the content to app stores, to reference/market the apps and or wherever needed to provided you with service that we offer.

2.3 App store Terms and Conditions: You agree that all the content that you provide or publish on the website which is to be published inside the app or on the app store is in accordance with the app store guideline and terms of service.

2.4 Claims and Disputes: You accept and agree that you will take responsibility for any claims or disputes arising out of publishing the apps or the content of the app or content provided by you. You will protect Mobile Reach Out and its associates and you will bear all the cost including but not limited to legal expenses, claims etc. which may arise due to any legal action or claims or disputes against the publish of the apps and/or content of the published apps owned by you.


Unfortunately, if your app is rejected by the app store authorities, we will contact you and discuss further about resolving the problem and re-submitting your app to the app store. We offer three times submissions without any extra cost after which you will have to contact us to discuss further about your app. Your monthly billing period will start after your app is approved and is available in the market.


We charge a one time setup fees, to build and submit your apps to the app store. The setup fees is not refundable. After that you will be billed each month for server usage, control panel and our service usage. Your billing period will start once your apps are approved by the app store and are live in the marketplace. Your first monthly bill (Invoice) will be generated after 30 days of the start of your billing period.


If you violate the terms and conditions or otherwise create risk or possible legal exposure for us, we can stop providing you the services as well as reserve the rights to withdraw the published apps from their respective markets. We will notify you by email or at the next time you attempt to access your account.


From time to time we update this terms and conditions to make it more clear and better. We will announce the update to terms and conditions on our website when there is an update. Your continued usage of our website and services after the updated constitutes your acceptance of our update to the terms and conditions.


We try our best to resolve any issues you have, quickly. You can contact us directly via the contact us menu from your account to resolve your concerns.
You accept that you will resolve any claim, cause of action or dispute (claim) you have with us arising out or relating to this terms and conditions or our services, in the Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India Jurisdiction.


You agree and understand that along with a one time setup fees, Mobile Reach Out charges you on monthly basis for the services provided to you. You agree and accept that you will respect and clear all the invoices in timely manner. You understand that your delay in payment can result in removal of your apps from the app store or stop of the services provided to you. The setup fees are non refundable. If you cancel your account at any time,your apps will be withdrawn from the market after the current billingcycle is over and you wont be billed from the next billing cycle.


At Mobile Reach Out we believe in Quality and try our best to build a quality software for you. Even though we have strict quality standards and all our software goes under heavy testing, you may in occur some defects or problem. We are committed in improving our services over time and you can report all the issues that you may face to us. You understand that the Mobile Reach Out software service is provided AS-IS and we cannot be held responsible for any damage that software defects may have caused you or your entity by using our services or MobileReachOut.com.


iPhone, iPad, iPod and the apple logo are trademark of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Inc. All other logos and trademarks displayed on our website are owned by their respective owners and are used for representation purpose only.



– Entity: is a Company or Organization or any other legal Entity
– Customer or Client: is a person or an entity which utilize our website and services and is bound to this Terms of Service.
– App: is an application software, that is downloadable to a mobile device.
– Live app: is an application, that is approved by the app store authorities to sell in the marketplace and is available for download to users in the marketplace.